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Going to parent folder in Windows 7 Explorer

At first I thought I missed an option somewhere, but now I have to admit : Microsoft removes the "Go to parent folder" button in the Windows 7 version of Explorer.

I like their new implementation of folder path, but a fast click to go up one level, positionned in a consistent way in the UI is a plus.

After some research I found the Alt + Up keyboard shortcut to achieve the same result, but while navigating through the explorer, I always am using my mouse. Switching from mouse to keyboard is tedious, so I hunt for another solution.

I finally installed ClassicShell that adds the missing button as well as some other minor cosmetics changes.


Another option is the address bar.
You can click on any folder there to go directly in that folder.
It's not that far from where the "Go to parent button" was, and I find it more usefull, as you can go further that way.

Golgothon 25/2/11
@Golgoth : I like the top path bar too, it is far more powerful than the one previously on windows XP because you can easily jump to any directory with a single click.

However, just going up one level is harder because the "last" directory is non consistently placed on the bar, it will change depending on how deep in a path you are. Clicking it will never be as fast as with a fixed button.
Timon 28/2/11
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Anonymous Cakeon 26/10/11
Anonymous Cake
It drives me mad to do a search, open a folder and not see its actual location in the top bar... whereof I have no idea -- precisely the reason why I did a search !

This is *the* situation where I miss the "parent folder" button.
hugoon 18/10/13
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